Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Well folks, summertime is here and along with it comes some super fun shows at some super fun venues!

I am very pleased to announce the band and I will be returning to JOE SENT ME in Waltham, MA this coming FRIDAY JUNE 6th at 9 PM. Last time we were there it was a whole lot of fun, and we really want to make this show extra special! We need you all to come out and show your love for the FUNK, so I hope to see you all there!

Live at The Back Page in Lowell with Big Ben on keys and lead vocals, Jodee Frawlee on guitar, Erick Cifuentes on drums and Vaughn Brathwaite on bass (photo by Ann Marie Hannisian)

Special guest with me this friday include my good friend JODEE FRAWLEE on guitar, and on drums will be a young man originally from Texas named Bryson - who is actually a really talented vocalist who just happens to be pretty nasty on the drum kit too.

 Other recent happenings: we had a couple of really great shows recently at THE BACK PAGE in Lowell as well as SONNY WALKER'S in Roxbury. Both of these gigs gave me the opportunity to work with a super funky bassist names Vaughn Brathwaite. Vaughn is originally from New York and spends most of his time playing gospel music as the music director of a church, but he sure can lay down some funk and soul when he wants to - and we're glad to welcome him into the family.

Big Ben live at Sonny Walkers in Roxbury with Zeke Martin on drums, Vaughn Brathwaite on bass and Eric Vincent on guitar (photo by Lydia Harrell)

 Stay tuned for lots more FUNKY shows and things happening this summer... We will be back at TOAD in Porter Square, Cambridge on June 13th, and once again you can catch us THIS FRIDAY JUNE 6th at JOE SENT ME in WALTHAM, MA.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I've recently booked a whole bunch of dates for the band, and thought I would take a quick moment to share them with you here. 

We just recently played another fun show over at Toad in Porter Square, and as it happens that is the place where our next show is going down on Friday May 9th. We hope to continue appearing there at this Cambridge mainstay for good music on the 2nd Friday of each month; you can also catch us over there at Toad on Friday June 13th. 

BIG BEN and the band at TOAD on 11April2014. l-r: Ben Alman on bass, Noah Matlsberger on guitar, Zeke Martin on drums and Big Ben Hillman on keyboards and vocals.

On Friday May 16th starting at 9 PM we will finally be making our long-awaited return to The Back Page in Lowell. I'm thrilled to have a new bassist working with us that evening, a talented young man by the name of Vaughn Brathwaite. 

Wrapping up the month of May you can check us out in Roxbury at a special place known as Sonny Walker's (formerly the C&S Tavern.) It's always a very spirited event when we play there, and if you haven't caught a show there yet you really ought to come check it out. It's something not to be missed! 

We've had the good fortune to play a couple of shows now at both the Cambridge and Waltham locations of a venue called Joe Sent Me, and on Friday June 6th we will be returning to the Waltham location for another fun filled evening. 

It's been a while since I've been back to New York City, but on Friday June 27th the band and I will be making our triumphant return to the one and only Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem. This will be our 2nd time in the headlining slot over there, and we really hope that all of our extended New York friends and family will come to show their love! 

Lastly I want to mention a new spot for us altogether: a fabulous spot up in Salem, MA called Brodie's Seaport Cafe. We will be making our funky debut over there on the evening of Independence Day, Friday July 4th! We're hoping that this will be a really fun night and we really want to see all of you there. We will also be appearing there on Friday August 15th. 

Lots of great shows to choose from, we hope you'll come to all or as many as you can. Of course there will be many more shows to come, and you can always get the latest news and updates on all upcoming events right here at! 
Check out the latest BIG BEN gigs here:

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This past Friday the band and I had a gig scheduled at Toad, one of our favorite spots to play at in Cambridge. We were all set to go that afternoon when my girlfriend Barbra got a call from one of her friends saying that there was another band listed on the website as being the headliners that night. Long story short, we had been double-booked by the agent and we were out of a gig.

Having been in this situation before, my mind quickly started running through my options. Then I remembered that just a couple of weeks ago we had played at a place in Waltham called Joe Sent Me, and that they also had a location in Cambridge not far from Porter Square. So Barbra and I took a ride down there, talked to the owners real quick - who are super cool by the way - and lo and behold we had a new gig!

Big Ben at Joe Sent Me Cambridge on March 28, 2014. l-r: Jeff Buckridge on guitar, 'Cowboy' Ben Alman on bass, Big Ben Hillman on keys and Zeke Martin on drums. 

It took a bit of organizing to get the band and all of our friends and fans to come out to a new location, but we managed to make it all come together and it ended up being a really great night. Of course I am grateful to the guys in the band who always throw down the funk, and I'm really grateful to all of the good people who came and hung out with us. It was really great to be able to meet some new folks and get some new sets of feet dancing to our beat - above all we really want to thank the good folks at Joe Sent Me for being so cool and letting us come in there and do our thing at the last minute! They treated us really well over there, and if you haven't been there yet you really ought to stop in and pay them a visit sometime soon.

We were really happy to have our buddy Jeff Buckridge on guitar with us, as this was the first time he really did a full night with my band. Jeff, who says that he has yet to play a gig at Toad in all his years of musicianship, I'm afraid will have to wait just a bit longer to end that streak - but hopefully not much longer!

The band is slated to be back at Toad on Friday April 11th. This time we're on the web site - so mark your calendars and come get down with us!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Art of FUNK

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting an artist based out of Boston named Carol Barenberg, an extraordinary painter whose colorful and vibrant work has been featured in galleries all over the world. Several months ago she told me she wanted to start working on a new piece based around the music I make with my band, as she had come to several of my performances in the area and apparently liked what she heard.

As I sat and posed for her in her studio with my keyboard in front of me, we listened to a copy of my soon to be released single Friday Night for a dose of funky-inspiration. It was quite interesting to see and feel the effect that one of my compositions could have on a visual artist.

Miss Barenberg often makes time-lapsed videos of herself while she is working and later sets them to music and posts them on YouTube. I was really happy that not only did she want to feature me in one of her paintings, but that she also wanted to feature my song in the video of her work on the initial study sketch. You can see and hear it in the video linked here:

The drawing is now finished and she has now begun doing the actual painting on canvas. I am already loving the way it is coming out and am very excited to see the finished product!

Check out some of Carol’s other videos on YouTube and visit her web site at to learn more about the work that she does. And as always keep checking in here at for all of my funky updates! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The last couple of weeks have been nothing short of AMAZING... dare I say even EPIC?!? That is a word that tends to get thrown about frivolously these days, but I promise you there is no frivolity in my delivery right now.

Last weekend in New York was great. We had an excellent turn out at club GROOVE; playing on stage at this West Village hot spot is always a good time. We met some great folks, made some new friends, and for the first time in a while we managed to keep almost everyone there dancing until closing time. We love playing at GROOVE and we can't wait to get back in there again soon!

Paula Green, Dave Smith, Kyle Christian, Dameyun Henry and myself take time between sets at GROOVE NYC to take a picture with some fans from Canada.
We'll be back in New York City on December 13th at THE SHRINE in HARLEM. It's been a little while since we've played over there, but it's always a good time. This will be the first time for us playing an extended two-hour set over at THE SHRINE, starting at 10 PM and ending at midnight. We are very excited to showcase some NEW and ORIGINAL material at this show, so we really hope that you and all of your friends will come on by help us to make this yet another EPIC GIG!!!

Posing with the fabulous Paula Green at GROOVE NYC
Lastly, I need to give a big SHOUT OUT to everyone in my old hometown of LOWELL, MA who came out to see the band and I play at THE BACK PAGE. It was truly and extraordinary night! Aided by the unseasonably warm weather and perhaps by some overflow from the GUSTER show happening across the way at the Memorial Auditorium, we managed to fit more people in that club than I think I had ever seen in there, and everyone was having a great time!

Big Ben with drummer Mike Stephan at The Back Page in Lowell, MA on November 16, 2013 (thanks to Barbra DeLauriers for the photo.)
I am so grateful to everyone who came out and partied with us. Your love and support as always is greatly appreciated! Of course I want to thank my good friends Mike Flynn at WUML and Jack Baldwin at WCAP for helping my get the word out over the airways. Of course we also want to thank everyone over at THE BACK PAGE for having us back, we hope to come back and do it again real soon!

If you're in the New England area you can come check us out at TOAD in PORTER SQUARE in CAMBRIDGE, MA on FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th at 10 PM. Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


As happens sometimes in this crazy business of music-making, things can change in an instant and all at once! As such I've had to make a few changes to the schedule recently, including the last minute addition of a show at GROOVE in NYC this SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9th at midnight!!

If you are anywhere in the New York City area then you should definitely come by and check us out! It's always a good time over there. Cold drinks, delicious food, friendly staff and some of the best music you'll hear in the whole damn city - you really can't go wrong!

For all of my friends and fans a little closer to my hometown of Boston, it saddens me greatly to say that the gig we had scheduled at TOAD in CAMBRIDGE on Friday November 29th has been CALLED OFF due to a scheduling issue with the venue. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about this one, folks.

However, we will still be ROCKING over there on FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th at 10 PM for sure!! So hopefully if all goes well we will be looking at doing a regular slot over there on the 3rd Friday of each month. I've really got my fingers crossed for this one... but I will need YOUR HELP in order to make this happen!

Please, if you care about live music - in particular LIVE FUNK and SOUL music - then PLEASE come out and show your support! And don't just come out by yourself, tell all your friends and family. Let them know just how IMPORTANT it is to you personally that we keep this music and this TRADITION alive! Together we can make it happen!!

I recently visited the old WUML studios in LOWELL, MA to help promote my upcoming gig at THE BACK PAGE on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16th. If you were able to tune then you heard a brief preview of my upcoming single "Friday Night." I'm still making some adjustments to the mix, but as soon as it's done the song will be available for download here at, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

Lastly, I've heard from a few people who have said they were having trouble ordering items from the merch store. I am looking into this to see exactly what the problem is. All I can say at this point is that the store is a work in progress, so please be patient with me as I work out all the kinks.

Alright, children... so to recap I'll see you in NYC at CLUB GROOVE this coming SATURDAY the 9th, and I'll see you in LOWELL, MA next SATURDAY the 16th at THE BACK PAGE. Let's get it done and FUNK IT UP HARD, people!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013


So as promised I have created a little Cafe Press page containing a handful of products featuring some designs I created. There are only a few shirts and a couple of hats right now with a limited selection of designs to choose from, but more will be forthcoming soon. You will be able to access the store at anytime from the "MUSIC" page here on, but here is a little preview you can check out....

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

I'm honestly not sure how many people out there will be interested in wearing a tee shirt with my face on it or a ball cap with my name emblazoned across the top, but I suppose you never know. Fortunately I've created another cool alternative design: a psychedelic tie-dyed looking "FUNK" logo. I think this will make for a really cool gift for someone, don't you?

Like I said before, if anyone has any feedback or ideas I'm all ears. At this point I'm just experimenting with different ideas until I find something that really works. All of this of course is in hopes of further promoting the new music I have coming out. My newest single "Friday Night" is almost finished and should be ready for download soon! as always keep your eyes and ears locked here to for all the latest info!